Vacuum Lift Inspection:

This consists of a specially designed fork attached to a vacuum lifting unit, easily controlled by a single operator. The pallet can be lifted quickly and safely from a stack, hovered at a workable height and rotated horizontally through 360° for inspection purposes. In this hands-free operation any waste can be removed and placed in a nearby skip. This laborious task has been made easy, with single operators now able to inspect up to 200, 45kg pallets in one hour.

Bench Inspection:

Auto Turnover Bench has two pneumatic arms to assist the operative in turning the pallet over to inspect both sides of the pallet.

Pallet Repair:

Turnover Bench
The Repair Bench has been designed to help the operative repair pallets with minimal effort required in turning and holding the pallet.

The Repair Bench is usually sighted to the side of a feed conveyor or pallet tipper allowing the operative to remove pallets when required to repair but can be used as a stand alone unit.

Turn the pallet over manually by dropping one end of the pallet into the trough and pushing the pallet over.

(Photo left) Pallet stop pins stop the pallet moving to the left when cutting nails.
(Photo right) The lift turn table located in the trough is operated via a foot peddle. The pallet will lift off the bench allowing the operator to turn the pallet 360 degrees to inspect and repair.

Pallet Spreader:

The Pallet Spreader has been specifically designed for the pallet repair industry. It makes the dismantling of broken pallets easier and faster than using manual devices such as crowbars.

Features include:

– Pneumatic tool to replace the crowbar for removing broken pallet boards
– Integral piston/push button air control
– Lightweight aluminium construction
– Pneumatic extension and retraction of piston for positive maintenance free operation
– Low force air switch developed for easy continuous operation
– High power cylinder to ensure positive separation of pallet components
– Long piston travel for maximum separation of pallet components
– Safety guard to retain the pallet planks from hitting the operator

The pallet spreader specification can be modified to suit any type of pallet.

Pallet Dismantling:

Pallet Stringer Stripper

The Pallet Stringer Stripper has been designed to eliminate the manual task of cutting the pallet stringer joints and nails by pneumatic saw.

The pallet stringer stripper is normally situated in a cellular layout with conveyors, tippers and repair benches to create an efficient and labour saving working environment.

The pallet stringer stripper is loaded by hand with the pallet top down on the stripper table and the damaged stringer in line with the circular blades. With the clamp arm holding the pallet down, the table traverses and forces with the pallet through the circular blades, this cut through the nails between the stringer and the top deck boards first.

This sequence of operations will allow the damaged stringer to be removed by hand and the pallet can be transferred to the next process.

Roller Renailer:

The roller renailer has been designed to flatten nail heads on the 1200mm x 1000mm x 162mm pallets.

The roller renailer is sighted over a chain conveyor as part of a production line or used as a standalone unit supplied with a feed chain conveyor.


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